The ground floor is fully accessible.

There are four activity areas together with a bar/cafe. Wi-Fi and wired internet (except the small office) are available in every room, fast enough to allow video streaming/conferencing.

The rooms are measured in “bridge tables” to give a subjective idea of size. Other configurations are possible.

The calendar below provides a guide to what is available when. However some flexibility might be possible for one-off requirements.

Contact the Young Chelsea club manager to discuss your requirements

Area Capacity day rate
Main Room 25 bridge tables
Something about the room here, all photographs are updatable,
Teaching Room (1st floor) 5 bridge tables
A spacious area in which teaching takes place
T Mark Hall Room (1st floor) 7 bridge tables
Named in memory of the Go player whose legacy contributed to establishing the centre, reflected in the decoration of the room. Among other things it contains an extensive Go library.
Small Office (1st floor) 2 bridge tables
Mary had a little lamb

Note: better rates would apply to block or long term booking arrangements.